Hello. My name is Eliot Grigo. The world is full of beautiful human emotion, passion, and corruption, which I seek to expose  through the moving image. Life is comprised of images, moments, shapes, patterns, subtle sounds–details…all in which inform how I express myself. My interest is provoking question with the viewer: what is the nature of humanity? How do we live? What can my perception through the lens offer you? Those questions are not answered by letters of the alphabet, but rather by my eyes.

Welcome to my website and blog, where I share my ideas, work, and processes.

A Little History.

My interest in visual art began when I was very young. Drool running down my face, beaming in delight, my plastic Fischer Price camera in hand, as I ran around “photographing” everything and everyone. My mother started bringing me on day trips at around age seven, where I shared with her Nikon FM2–it was the first camera I ever held. With my father’s interest in realist oil painting, and my mother’s in the abstraction of the world through acrylic, they inspired me to become a visual being. My childhood was the beginnings of my love for the analog aesthetic, softer color tones, and most importantly I was taught to observe the world, not only through my ambitious eyes, but through the photographic frame.

Ever since my first photography class my interest grew rapidly. In 2011, I attended a course at Maine Media Workshops in Camden, ME. The summer of 2012, I traveled to a course in photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As of 2013-2014 year, I am attending Syracuse University majoring in Film at the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) College. If you would like to see my video portfolio for admittance, please visit my Vimeo and find the film titled “Bicycles”. This was a documentary film that I created for the love of bikes–for myself and to share with others. It has been viewed in many countries, and shared on countless bicycle blogs, websites, forums, and others alike. In 2013 it received honorable mention in the Annual Maine Media Workshop Spirit of Place Competition. Since then I’ve done anything from commercials for local markets, to music videos for groups like Synchronice.


Myself shooting in Boston with the Blackmagic 4K

Myself shooting in Boston with the Blackmagic 4K


Now I am currently working independently as well as with a collective called The New Scene, started by independent filmmaker Seth Brown. The New Scene allows creators to come together to produce anything and everything, specializing in video production from concept, to product. From projects in Uganda, to projects in Maine–The New Scene works to create and share content in the most unique, modern way.

Please, browse through my work. If you appreciate it, follow my blog (in the lower right hand corner), contact me about a potential project, or show my work to others, thanks! Portrait above was taken by Nicola Ronaldo.

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