The Evolution of E

Photo taken by Cole Ellison.

Photo of myself taken by Cole Ellison.

My freshman year at Syracuse has come to an end, and summer has begun.

VSCOIf you wanna catch up with what I’m working on VSCO is the place to go. Or my daily updated Instagram, but Instagram is well, gramish as usual. This post is partially a follow up to Month I, where I discussed how the iPhone (as much as I dislike that piece of crap), has opened my eyes. That opinion, has only gotten stronger. To me, photography has become about capturing a moment in time, a place, an environment, or the essence of a person. Moments can be provoked, or found, but regardless with my phone in hand I seek to expose life through a grittier digital medium. Something a little more raw, with the aura that noticeable digital pixels give you.


A day in Pleasure Bay.

I might even go as far to say that smartphones more accurately document this era, because of the fact that they have been so extensively integrated into global culture. Everyone constantly holds a smartphone, or some kind of phone that can take pictures. That being said, everyone has their own philosophy and process, mine just happens to include exploring the world with a small, simple, low res camera. More importantly, many of my images on VSCO could have never been shot with any other camera other than a smartphone.

Subway Life.

Afternoon with Kylie.

Walking through Fort Point.

Some might say going from 1950s analog cameras, rangefinders, to the FM2, to a modern DSLR, and then to the . . . iPhone, is a huge step backwards. That may be so, but exploration is learning. Learning is progression.

Squares Promo

Squares. This film was my final project for my spring semester, and served as another experimentation for pushing the limits of narrative–seeing what the audience can take away from such a blunt, and at times two-dimensional film.

While I currently work at Elevin Studios, in South Boston, making a commercial documentary series for Eric Levin, experimental narrative film is where I hope to go in my future journeys. Click the cover image above to see the film, or visit my vimeo page here–enjoy! Until next time.



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