Göteburg by Night

Night in Sweden during the summer is an oxymoron–it never gets entirely dark. This is perfect for a photographer like myself–who would appreciate a little extra ambient light when shooting on the city streets at night.

© Eliot J. Grigo

I could only hear the light sounds of metal discs squealing on the buses and trams nearby, while a silky ocean breeze flew through the canals and streets to flutter by my face. The air was chilly, but it didn’t tickle my skin, it was soothing. I had the pleasure of using the blue bikes that can be found every few blocks. Riding through an unfamiliar city, with unfamiliar corners and destinations, is like being a little kid again–discovering that new neighborhood, or part of the woods, that you never knew existed.



Half the fun is being in a new place–the other is finding the pictures. Or, letting them come to you. Enjoy. All images © Eliot J. Grigo.

    • I used a 50mm f1.4 on a crop sensor (Canon 60D), which gave me an equivalent focal length of about an 85mm lens.

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