Freising Frames

Currently I am in Göteburg, Sweden, attending the 2013 Volvo Adventure, where high schoolers from around the world (our team is the only team representing North America and the United States) make presentations on their selected environmental projects. To find out more about all of the projects, I will edit this post soon with some links.

Freising Farms

Farmland in Freising, Germany

But before I arrived here, I went through more than a day of traveling. On our journey, we made the most of a six hour lay-over, and visited a local village in Gemany called Freising. Since my entire family is German, I felt at home walking the cobbles and experiencing the culture for myself. And because of my passion for bicycles, I also felt homey witnessing the insane amount of bicycle traffic, or should I say amazing amount of bicycle traffic–p.s. the U.S. could learn a lot from Europe about commuting on bikes.

German Baked Goods

Some German treats–there is a bakery probably every three shops (I personally saw about 8 bakeries on one street in Freising).

So, here are some of the shots that I took while traveling on planes to Sweden–it’s feels great to finally be settled in. Everything shot in this post is digital.

During our lay-over, we took a bus to Freising, and had a great time experiencing the culture, eating some tasty treats, and taking advantage of the photo-ready landscape. It had been a while since I was a tourist, so I embraced my inner street-photographer, and shot my borrowed Canon 60D to death. I shot with a superfast Nikkor 50mm f1.4, which was great in low light but almost impossible to focus quickly–I’m getting used to it as opposed to shooting f1.8 (which is surprisingly that much easier to focus properly) and I’ll just say: f1.4 is growing on me. All images © Eliot J. Grigo.

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  1. Lars Ellison said:

    excellent shots. I am waiting for more up-dates

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