Yahoo Yashica!


I recently purchased a used Yashica-D, from an antique shop in Pennsylvania and I could not be more pleased with it. The body looked pristine on the outside, even the lenses. Keep in mind that these cameras were made in the late 50s, so this maintained quality is hard to come by. I developed my first roll, and I was shocked. I have been shooting with a Holga before (also a 120mm format or medium format), so my expectations for sharpness were low. I was loving medium format so I decided to try something a little more sharp than a plastic, single-element lens. Here are the results.

The lens was a f3.5, so I didn’t know how much ‘bokeh’ I would actually get out of this camera as I expected. I was wrong. The 80mm lens made the subjects entirely separated from their backgrounds, which is an awesome effect that comes with longer focal lengths, and the ‘bokeh’ seems to bend in a circular pattern, which looks spectacular–I cannot wait to develop more film.

They (TLR cameras) certainly have their own unique look, and they capture light and contrast beautifully–it may be my new favorite camera. This is only the beginning–until next time! All images © Eliot J. Grigo.


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