Manipulations and Motorbikes

One manipulation polaroid done with dental tools and a freezer.

One manipulation polaroid done with dental tools and a freezer.

For the past month or two, I’ve been taking a few Polaroids every week, some planned, some taken on a whim. What I’ve enjoyed most about experimenting with this medium is that you can manipulate them while they are developing. It makes the wait for the fully developed image more exciting–you can make some really poor mistakes and ruin the photograph, ultimately wasting three dollars. However, it makes the photograph more crafty, which someone else can’t easily imitate.  The photo above was worked over with dental tools and other surfaces, then frozen once I found a point of the development that I liked. There are plenty of tips online for manipulation Polaroid Time Zero film, but not a lot of good advice for new Impossible Film–I will soon post a ‘how-to’ video with some tips for Impossible. Below are some portraits that I took, some have been manipulated.

Absolutely loving the new 2012 formula from the Impossible Project, and I cannot wait for what they come up with this year. What I’ve noticed most is the improvement in color, the fact that you no longer have to shed sweat to cover the pictures in the first four seconds, and greater overall contrast. The washed out look can be nice, but only for so many pictures and certain subjects. You’ll see that better color and contrast in the pictures I took with Jack Churchill.

You can see some of the projects that Jack works on in Seth Brown’s film, Deus Ex Machina, which features Jack Churchill, and one of his most ridiculous creations in the motorcycle world. That’s all for today, go take some pictures. Now. All images © Eliot J. Grigo.



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