Jolly Jibbin’

It’s the holiday season, with the whoop-de-do and hickory dock–I’ll spare you the Christmas songs, I’m sure there have been plenty on the radio. The big question right after Christmas, when you talk to to friends, relatives, classmates, coworkers, is: what’d ya get?! Well, here in the little town of Camden, Maine, we got snow for Christmas. We received 7 inches (some say 6, some say 8, so I averaged the two), which is a ton for a seascape town. The first reaction to this miraculous event by any lover of snow is to go hit the local snowy slopes. If you were a park rat (someone who likes to ride more going sideways on metal than straight ahead on snow), your second reaction is to go grind all the rails you can find in town. I am written into that equation as the photographer of the flurry-filled fun.

This time I brought a decent camera crew, and by crew I mean two people, however this is more than the usual solo work I do. I really wanted to shoot stills at the two rails we went to, so I let other member of the crew, Jonah Cameron, deal with the motion camera. Jay Wilder was in town from Gould Academy, and he absolutely shredded these rails, along with Calvin Cameron, a local skier who goes to Camden Hills. Their shots are below. A final thanks to Elazar Allwine, who helped construct and build camaraderie for the expedition. All images © Eliot J. Grigo.

Calvin Cameron, 15, grinds a rail during a heavy snowstorm in Camden, Maine.

Calvin Cameron, 15, grinds a rail during a heavy snowstorm in Camden, Maine.Jay Wilder, 16, maneuvers a double-kink-"s" rail, in Camden, Maine.

Jay Wilder, 16, maneuvers a double-kink-“s” rail, in Camden, Maine.


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