Solitary Shots

As in other art mediums such as painting or drawing, there are self portraits in photography too. In fact, I have found that when trying to create a fictional narrative, it is often easier to be your own director. Unlike previous fictional-shoots, in these images, I have balanced being the actor, and being the photographer. I was inspired to do this by a local photographer, Andy Bloxham, who does a lot of fictional shooting while incorporating artificial lighting and self-directing. Below are the two images that are an addition to my fictional / narrative project, and some background story.

Both of these photographs offer a little more narrative than some of my others, but they are also darker images. Obviously there are more black tones, but the story is also darker and more mysterious. Again, I like to keep the actual storyline (if there is a single one) to myself, and allow the viewer to imagine what is going on.

The top photograph was taken in my basement. It’s one of those basements that you could shoot an entire horror film in, so I had to take a picture in it. It was very challenging to take. I first had to hang my tripod to the ceiling, as my tripod is an ancient Velbon from the ’70s, and does not rotate to take pictures vertically. So with some tape, it got the job done. Second, I had to put the camera on self-timer, which is adjustable for timing but still stressful with the beeping-timer cuing you in. Thirdly, framing myself took multiple takes, as I had to look for the perfect composition of the scene. What do you think of the result?

The second picture was actually planned to be shot with another actor, however the wall was covered in spiders. Coincidently, the actor’s worst fear was spiders. So, while my actor scampered away in fear, I proceed to take the picture all by myself, with a slight costume change. I ended up being happy with the shot after only several takes, since the shot had been previously planned, I had already set up the action in my mind. How did I do?

That’s all for today folks, until next time. All images © Eliot J. Grigo.

  1. Sarah said:

    If Midnight Cityby M83 was a photo, it would be the first one.
    Great photos. They’re dark but I love them:)

    • Thank you! A great song. I’ve never thought of that but I watched the music video and it definitely has that vibe!

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