Framed Fiction

Another image of the recent narrative series I have been working on lately. This was actually shot a couple of months ago during the summertime in Rockport, ME. I was greatly influenced by some of Gregory Crewdson’s work when I planning this photograph. Crewdson creates fictional images that narrate stories within one single frame, that are often complex, that it is mostly up to the viewer to decide what is going on. That is what I was going for in this shot: an erie and hard-to-depict image.  Although this was taken with a 24mm, and I could not get the extreme feeling of solitude that Crewdson uses in his images, I was able to create something of my own that was unique. If you haven’t seen his work, you need to google-him, he is like the ‘Hitchcock of photographers’ to me.

This shot was another that took scouting, planning, and lighting layout. However, the lighting was actually simplified because the stove, being white, acted as a natural reflector for me to balance out the photograph. There was minimal light coming into the building (it was shot during the daytime), so I was able to dominate the scene with the light coming from the refrigerator. Diffusing the light was challenging, especially being on a high-schooler’s budget, so wax paper did the job to soften the speed light inside the broken fridge from the 80’s.

© Eliot J. Grigo

The set was not built from scratch, rather it is a small broken-down-house that has well preserved the contents inside, like old family newspapers, trash, a television, kitchen utensils, silverware, and much more. We did not change much of the scene, I wanted everything to look as natural as possible. Cole Ellison, the model, did a great job with my direction, and playing the character I wanted to portray. Let me know what you think of this image, and if you like it, follow my blog! Adios! All images © Eliot J. Grigo.


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