A Ticket to le Tour

This is the second photo I have blogged about in my recent series. (See my last post for more.) This is an image that took some serious planning, but it ended up being a lot of fun. A unique experience as well: I included myself into the frame; which I found to be nice to have just a little more control over how my images came out. The models are Lars Ellison, Cole Ellison, myself, Raine Ellison, and Ingrid Ellison in the back. No, they were not professional models (no offense Ellison family), but they were cooperative and made this experience so much fun. As you know, in this series I like to artificially light my scenes. I used two artificial lights to highlight some areas and balance the image, and then three lights already on set (and by that I mean lights hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen).

I do not like to explain the concept of this image because I appreciate the viewer tyring to understand what is happening in the image. For those of you who like narrative images to have the plot laid out for you, this image is more like that than others I have shot, but not too much. (The title of this post may give it away.) Remember to look at the image, observe, and look for clues! That is half the fun!  Read further below the image for more explanation.

© Eliot J. Grigo

This image was actually taken during the broadcast of 2012 Tour de France. The story behind it is based on The Ellison Family and myself gathering round for the Tour every year. What I wanted to capture in this picture, was the excitement that we feel while watching favorite riders like Mark Cavendish, the Schleck brothers, Sammy Sanchez, Marcel Kittel, and many others. You will notice many French-themed items in the shot: the baquets, the Velo Magazine, Bobke shirt, the obvious helmet, the bike, and the midair croissant (see if you can spot it.) Another fun, and rewarding shoot. Tell me your thoughts, and if you like this image, then comment, like it, tell your friends, or follow my blog! Until next time. All images © Eliot Grigo.


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