Narrative Photography; The Laundromat

Greetings folks! This is one image of many of my recent projects that I have been experimenting with. This series of shots are mostly lit artificially, and are fictional scenes designed to create question and interest in what is happening in the photograph. This particular shoot was done with my good friend Jolly Brown (the subject), age 17. Jolly has a background of singing in multiple choir and ensemble groups, acting in several productions, and also has significant knowledge in motion film.

She did a great job with direction, as expected, and played the character I wanted to portray quite well. Having friends act for you is a gratifying experience, as you are constantly learning together, which in this case was fun and rewarding. This was my first time doing a shoot tethered to my laptop. (For those who aren’t photo-savvy, this means the camera, being connected to a laptop takes a picture that shows up almost instantly on the computer screen.) This also made the shoot more fun to be able to show my assistant and my model the photographs that were being produced while the shoot was happening, instead of afterwards. What do you think? Comment, like this post, or contact me! Stay tuned for more work like this . . . All images © Eliot J. Grigo.

© Eliot J. Grigo

  1. Skye said:

    I love this photo, its intriguing, but I feel like the storytelling is incomplete. Something more is needed.

    • Thank you Skye. However, my purpose for this photography was not to hand the story over on a silver platter, but rather let the viewer create a story in their mind while looking at the photograph. The story, is ambiguous, as it was intended to be.

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